Introducing The Evolution® XLO Low-Slip Liner by Conewango


Evolution® XLO offers dairy producers a new option in low-slip milking liners.

The new Evolution® XLO Low-Slip Milking Liner by Conewango is designed to promote higher milk flow with greater vacuum stability and reduced twist.

“Evolution® XLO offers dairy producers a new option in low-slip milking liners,” said Conewango General Manager Jeff Perkins. “Now dairymen can milk gently and completely with far less risk of liner slip or twist. Greater stability means fewer fall-offs, kick-offs and squawks.”

The new Evolution® XLO features:

A round-bore liner with reinforced barrel sections and controlled collapse point for greater vacuum stability.

A large-diameter short milk tube with compression ribs and hinge points for more flexible alignment on a wide range of cows.

An elongated skirt with scalloped extension, and locking wedges to reduce twisting and provide a better seal against contamination.

For more information about the Evolution® X³ Liner, click below or call (800) 828-9258

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