Introducing The Evolution® Silicone X³ Liner by Conewango

X3 Image Inset

The newest addition to the line of Evolution Liners.

Conewango is introducing its silicone liner, the Evolution® X³, at World Ag Expo. The newest addition to the line of Evolution Liners is made to last up to 8,000 milkings.

“Evolution® X³ features a convenient, two-piece construction,” said Conewango General Manager Jeff Perkins. “This allows producers to keep the shell and replace only the liner, which reduces the cost of liner replacement.”

Evolution X³ features a triangle-shaped barrel in its own plastic shell with either a stainless steel weight or plastic spacer. For producers looking to promote teat-end health, the Evolution X3 minimizes the risk of hyperkeratosis and reduces compression at the teat end.

The soft, flexible mouthpiece adapts to a wide range of teat sizes. With a peak vacuum of 12” at teat end, the X³ milks out quickly!

For more information about the Evolution® X³ Liner, click below or call (800) 828-9258

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