What producers are saying about Evolution X

We were having some really annoying squawking problems with our old liners, especially on the small-teat heifers. The inflations would fall off and start squawking like a barn full of chickens. We put on Evolution X and the slippage problems stopped -- the barn is now quiet and a pleasure to milk in. These inflations are also good for bigger cows with large teat ends and wider udders. I installed them two months ago and they still look brand new.

Jeremy Michalak
Fort Plain, NY

I decided to switch to Evolution X to improve teat-end health, lower SCC and improve profit on the dairy. I showed the new liner to our veterinarian and he was very happy with it. Since installing Evolution X, I’ve been able to run a lower vacuum level from 12.2 inches to 11.4 inches. The cows’ teat-end health has improved and there’s noticeably less squawking. I would definitely recommend these inflations to another producer.

Greg McCulloh
McCulloh Dairy
Mercersberg, PA

​I’d heard good things about the new oval inflation and wanted to give it a try. We milk about 1,100 cows and I put Evolution X in the whole double-20 parlor. We’ve had very little slippage, very little difference in milking speed, and have been able to lower the vacuum levels about an inch compared to the Impulse inflation. The cows’ teat ends are excellent and our somatic cell count has gone down. We’re very satisfied with the Evolution X.

Dale Bogart
Deer Run Dairy
Kewaunee, WI

What dealers are saying about Evolution X

I had a customer with some performance and noise problems with a vented-mouthpiece inflation. After installing Evolution X liners, he had a lot less squawking, fewer reattachment problems, and the cows were clearly more comfortable. Best of all, he was still milking the same number of cows per hour, so there was no increase in milkout time. I had another situation where fresh heifers were kicking off the units because they were so uncomfortable. We put in the Evolution X liners and that solved the problem.

Evolution X has given us a new story to tell our customers: This is an oval liner, designed to operate at a lower vacuum, with very little change in milking speed. That’s really different, because anytime you design a liner that’s more comfortable on the cow, it usually results in slower milkout. That’s not the case with Evolution X. It’s a unique liner with a unique story.

Bill Sullivan
Dealer Representative, Modern Dairy Systems
Kaukauna, WI

Evolution X combines three things that have never before been combined in a liner: Low vacuum, low slip, and no change in speed of milkout. That’s quite impressive, and has given us an opportunity to go into the farm with something new and different that’s never been seen before. It’s been a very successful door-opener for other products.

Evolution X is best for dairy producers who are concerned about cow comfort and udder health. Some of our customers had problems with too many cows stepping and kicking in the parlor, too many kick-offs, and a lot of slippage. Evolutions X eliminates all of this, in all kinds of situations, from large dairy operations to small Amish farms. It’s the perfect inflation for dairymen whose priority is milking gently and completely. Cow comfort is number one with this inflation.

When we started Dairy Grow Services seven months ago, we had no Conewango customers at all. Today, we’ve sold Evolution X on more than 20 farms in southeastern Pennsylvania. It has impacted our business dramatically.

Pat Evans
Dealer Sales Representative, Dairy Grow Service
Lancaster, PA

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Jeremy Michalak

Jeremy Michalak

Greg McCulloh

Greg McCulloh