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Fall 2019

Five steps to faster, safer milking

Conewango Products for Progressive Dairy

This informative article recently appeared in Progressive Dairy. It features valuable insight from industry consultants on the topics of vacuum, pulsation and milk flow to optimize the milking system.

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January 20, 2018

Conewango introduces The Evolution® Silicone X³ Liner

Conewango is introducing its silicone liner, the Evolution® X³, at World Ag Expo. The newest addition to the line of Evolution Liners is made to last up to 8,000 milkings.

“Evolution® X³ features a convenient, two-piece construction,” said Conewango General Manager Jeff Perkins. “This allows producers to keep the shell and replace only the liner, which reduces the cost of liner replacement.”

Evolution X³ features a triangle-shaped barrel in its own plastic shell with either a stainless steel weight or plastic spacer. For producers looking to promote teat-end health, the Evolution X3 minimizes the risk of hyperkeratosis and reduces compression at the teat end. The soft, flexible mouthpiece adapts to a wide range of teat sizes. With a peak vacuum of 12” at teat end, the X³ milks out quickly!

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August 20, 2015

Conewango Introduces The Evolution® XLO Low-Slip Milking Liner

(FALCONER, NY – August 20, 2015): The new Evolution® XLO Low-Slip Milking Liner by Conewango is designed to promote higher milk flow with greater vacuum stability and reduced twist.

“Evolution® XLO offers dairy producers a new option in low-slip milking liners,” said Conewango General Manager Jeff Perkins. “Now dairymen can milk gently and completely with far less risk of liner slip or twist. Greater stability means fewer fall-offs, kick-offs and squawks.”

The new Evolution® XLO features:

  • A round-bore liner with reinforced barrel sections and controlled collapse point for greater vacuum stability.

  • A large-diameter short milk tube with compression ribs and hinge points for more flexible alignment on a wide range of cows.

  • An elongated skirt with scalloped extension, and locking wedges to reduce twisting and provide a better seal against contamination.

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May 7, 2015

Conewango Hires Mark Kunde as Midwest Regional Sales Manager

(FALCONER, NY – May 7, 2015): Conewango, Inc. has hired Mark Kunde as Midwest Regional Sales Manager, according to General Manager Jeff Perkins.

Kunde, a former dairy farmer from Oshkosh, WI, will be responsible for managing sales in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, South Dakota and North Dakota.

Conewango is a leading manufacturer of milking liners and accessories, including the Evolution®  line of liners designed to help dairy producers improve cow comfort, increase milking speed, reduce hyperkeratosis or reduce liner slip. For more information about Evolution Milking Liners by Conewango, call (800) 828-9258 or visit

April 17, 2015

New Video Showcases Full Line of Evolution® Milking Liners

(FALCONER, NY – April 13, 2015): Conewango, Inc. has released a corporate video showcasing the full line of Evolution® milking liners, including

a new low-slip milking liner to be introduced in 2015, according to General Manager Jeff Perkins. The video can be viewed on the Evolution

website at

Introduced in 2012, Evolution liners are designed to help dairy producers meet their individual goals for greater cow comfort, faster milk-out, reduced hyperkeratosis or low slip.

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December 19, 2014

New Evolution® XLO Low-Slip Liner Reduces Slips, Squawks and Twists

The new Evolution® XLO Low-Slip Milking Liner by Conewango is uniquely designed to reduce slips, squawks and twists for greater cow comfort and higher yield.

  • The unique hinged barrel provides a controlled collapse, maintaining air supply to the head of the liner for greater stability with virtually
    no slips or squawks.

  • Maintenance of air channels throughout milking reduces compression at the teat end for gentler, more comfortable milking.

  • Anti-twist features include a scalloped skirt extension, locking wedges and double hackle to secure liner to shell.

  • The patented milk tube features two hinge points for more flexible unit alignment with less kinking.

  • Wide milk tube inner diameter provides more volume to move milk away from the teat end, while the round barrel milks out cleanly and completely.

For more information about the new Evolution XLO Low-Slip Milking Liner by Conewango, call (800) 828-9258 or visit

August 13, 2013

Progressive Dairyman: Oval-Barrel Liners Take Cow Comfort To A Whole New Vacuum Level

See this month’s issue of Progressive Dairyman for an article on how dairy producers nationwide are using Evolution® X Oval-Barrel Liners to reduce vacuum levels with no loss of milking speed. Or read it online at:

Oval-barrel liners take cow comfort to new vacuum level

For more information about Evolution® X Oval-Barrel Liners, contact your Conewango dealer or call (800) 828-9258. 

July 16, 2013

Evolution® X² Milking Liner Allows For Fast Milking While Reducing Hyperkeratosis Risk

Conewango Products has introduced a unique milking liner designed to operate at high speed while reducing the risk of hyperkeratosis.

The Evolution® X² inflation features a square-barrel design that creates three channels for faster, more complete milk-out.

“This liner is ideal for larger, progressive dairies and commercial herds that need to get cows in and out of the parlor as quickly as possible,” said Conewango General Manager Jeff Perkins. “In addition to faster milk-out, the Evolution® X² helps maintain good teat end conditions thanks to the thorough removal of milk and complete, consistent massaging action.”

The Evolution® X² liner features a scalloped skirt extension, locking wedges, and double hackle to seal out dirt and debris for improved cleanliness.

It also accommodates a wide range of teat sizes and fits perfectly into stainless steel 06 style shells.

Conewango also offers an Evolution® X5² model with a lower touch point which allows for lower operating vacuum levels. Its tapered square barrel provides a comfortable fit for a wider range of teat sizes.

For more information on Evolution® X² or X5², contact your Conewango dealer, call 1-800-828-9258 or visit the website


Spring 2013

As printed in Country Folks Cattle Production Guide

Turn down the vacuum, Turn up the comfort: How innovative inflation designs are taking cow comfort and udder health to a whole new (vacuum) level.

By Kim Parr, Director of Public Relations, LP&M Advertising

Researchers have long noted the association between milking vacuum and teat-end health. The greatest risk for teat-end damage occurs at the beginning and end of milking, when teat ends are exposed to vacuum levels very near the line vacuum. Cows milked at too high a vacuum, especially fresh heifers, make their discomfort and stress known by stepping and kicking in the parlor. High milking vacuum levels have been linked to tissue congestion, hyperkeratosis, incomplete milk-out, teat-end lesions and other problems.

Simply reducing vacuum levels isn’t always the solution. If vacuum is too low, milking speed may be sacrificed. Too little vacuum or irregular fluctuations can result in liner slip, when air leaks between the teat and the liner. Liner slip can be potentially serious and costly, as the sudden reversal of milk flow can force milk up into the other quarters, increasing the risk of mastitis. In tie-stall barns with a highline, lifting milk while minimizing liner slip is always a challenge. All dairy producers must strike the right balance between the right vacuum level, inflation type, and pulsation setting that allows them to milk quickly, completely and gently.

Fortunately, the industry is responding with innovative liner designs that permit low-vacuum milking while maintaining milking speed. Traditional round-bore inflations are giving way to triangular, square and oval shapes with tapered barrels engineered to maintain airflow and gentle suction throughout pulsation so cows can be milked out thoroughly with less slippage. Oval-barrel inflations, which require less distance for the barrel wall to travel in order to collapse, are especially suited for fast milking at lower vacuum levels.

How low? Dale Bogart, co-owner of a 1,100-cow dairy in Kewaunee, WI, was able to reduce vacuum levels approximately one inch since installing oval-barrel inflations throughout his double-20 parlor in December 2012. “We’ve had very little slippage, fewer reattachment problems, and the cows are clearly more comfortable,” said Bogart, who is milking the same number of cows per hour as with the previous inflation.

Tony Louters is a Merced, CA dairyman milking at 11.5 inches. He switched to a low-vacuum liner after struggling with a high somatic cell count and multiple cases of mastitis in his 600-head dairy. “Our SCC dropped by 50,000 within a month, and we’ve seen only minimal cases of mastitis” he said. “There’s a lot less squawking, the crew isn’t reattaching liners as often, and the cows aren’t as kicky. They’re milking out real good and seem very comfortable throughout the entire process.”

Improved cow comfort is just one benefit of reduced milking vacuum levels. Others include reduced risk of ringing, congestion and hyperkeratosis, increased residual vacuum available for massage, easier unit removal and faster tissue recovery. Greg McCulloh was able to improve teat-end health significantly after installing oval-barrel liners throughout his double-12 parlor in Mercersberg, PA.

“Our veterinarian recommended we switch to a soft-rubber inflation that could permit a lower vacuum,” says McCulloh. “We’re now running a vacuum at 11.4 inches, down from 12.2 inches. The cows’ teat-end health has improved and there’s noticeably less squawking.”

Jeremy Michalak of Fort Plain, NY discovered other benefits of low-vacuum inflations. “We were having some really annoying squawking problems with our old liners, especially on the small-teat heifers,” says Michalak. “The inflations would fall off and start squawking like a barn full of chickens. I installed oval-barrel liners, and the slippage – and squawking – stopped overnight. They’re great for the heifers, and for the bigger cows, too. But best of all, the barn is now quiet and a pleasure to milk in!”

September 19, 2012

Evolution® X Low-Vacuum Liner Brings Cow Comfort To A Whole New (Vacuum) Level

Evolution X® is the revolutionary new liner by Conewango that’s leaving its mark on the industry – not on your cows! Its patented barrel features a combination of thick and thin side walls that allow for fast milking at some of the lowest accepted vacuum levels in the industry.

During milking, thin inner wall sections collapse first, causing the barrel to assume a unique oval shape. Outer walls resist collapse, permitting air to continue feeding the Evolution® X vacuum chamber during pulsation. This two-stage collapse allows for fast milking, at very low vacuum levels, with virtually no slip.

Evolution® X is built twist-resistant from top to bottom, with a scalloped skirt extension, locking wedges and double hackle to seal out dirt and debris. It also fits perfectly into stainless steel 06 style shells.

For more information about Evolution® X, contact your Conewango dealer, call (800) 828-9258 or visit