Smooth Operator.

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Designed to keep milk,
and your parlor, flowing smoothly.


  • Engineered for maximum cow comfort with minimal slip.


  • Delivers consistent high performance for up to 8,000 milkings


  • The only silicone liner on the market featuring the patented Evolution® short milk tube for unrestricted milk flow


  • Operates at 12” Hg peak milk-flow at teat end for a thorough, rapid harvest

  • Available in weighted steel or lightweight plastic spacer shells


A smooth operator from top to bottom.

  • Smooth, durable silicone exterior

  • Soft, flexible mouthpiece adapts to a range of udder placements

  • Two-piece construction with reusable shell improves sustainability, reduces costs

  • Replaceable rubber milk tube resists cutting at the claw, assists with vacuum shut-off during attachment

  • Triangle-shaped barrel provides gentle massage with low slip for better udder health

  • Clear Visi-Nipple secures liner to shell for uninterrupted milk flow

  • Available with exclusive Evolution-style or Conewango-style short milk tube

The sustainable silicone solution.


  • The only silicone inflation on the market with both a reusable fitted shell and replaceable rubber milk tube


  • At the end of its service life only the inflation itself is replaced


  • Fewer liner changes and more reusable components means lower overall costs

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