Evolution X1 Diagram

New Evolution X1 features all the attributes

of the Evolution X, but at a faster milking speed


  • Shallow vacuum chamber allows for reduced vacuum levels at the mouthpiece for gentler milking.


  • The unique oval-shaped barrel results in a shorter distance for barrel
    wall movement from open to collapse.


Two stage, controlled collapse reduces slippage
for improved udder health.


  • Variation in barrel wall thickness results in a progressive, two-stage, controlled collapse.


  • In first stage, inner walls come together at an engineered collapse
    point while outer walls resist collapse.

  • In second stage, air continues to flow up side channels past teat,
    feeding the vacuum chamber.

  • Controlled collapse provides greater stability with virtually no slippage
    in field tests at significantly lower vacuum.



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CWG X1 Sign
Evolution X1 Dairy Liner

Uncollapsed stage



Side view of Evolution X1 in collapsed position

First stage


Made for faster milking at standard milking levels.