No liner works harder to milk gentler

Two hinge points permit
bending in the natural direction

of the milking machine.

Thin inner walls and
reinforced outer walls cause
the Evolution X barrel to assume an oval shape during milking.

A short milk tube that’s long on benefits.


  • Two hinge points permit bending in the natural direction of the milking machine.


  • Can accommodate a range of animals with various teat placements.


  • Lengthwise ribs allow SMT to compress without kinking, for unrestricted milk flow.




  • Operates at some of the lowest
    accepted vacuum levels in the industry.


  • Engineered for virtually no slippage.


  • Twist-resistant from top to bottom.


  • Milks out quickly, clearly and completely.

  • Accommodates a wide range of teat sizes.

  • Fits perfectly into stainless steel 06 style shells


There’s no telling how low you can go. Unique barrel design brings comfort to a whole new (vacuum) level.


  • Patented barrel features a combination of thicker and thinner side walls that allow for fast milking at relatively low vacuum levels.


  • Thick wall sections resist collapse before thin wall sections, causing the barrel to assume an oval shape during milking.


  • Oval shape results in a shorter distance for barrel wall movement from open to collapse.


Benefits of low vacuum:


  • Greater overall cow comfort with unparalleled milking comfort. 
    Reduced risk of ringing and teat congestion.


  • Reduced risk of teat end hyperkeratosis.


  • Increase in Residual Vacuum available for Massage (RVM).

  • Easier unit removal.

  • Faster tissue recovery. 


No liner works harder to milk gentler.

No more slip-ups. 


Two-stage, controlled collapse
reduces slippage for improved udder health.


  • Variation in barrel wall thickness results in a progressive, two-stage, 
    controlled collapse.


  • In first stage, inner walls come together at an engineered collapse point while outer walls resist collapse.


  • In second stage, air continues to flow up side channels past teat, feeding
    the vacuum chamber.

  • Controlled collapse provides greater
    stability with virtually no slippage in field
    tests at significantly lower vacuum.

Which Evolution Low-Slip Liner is right for you?

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First stage

Uncollapsed stage

Side view of Evolution X in collapsed position



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