Enhance the performance

of your Evolution Liners, with these high-quality accessories.

Designed specifically for Evolution liners.

  • Stiff mouthpiece for a "snap-fit" in the liner’s scalloped skirt

  • Provides tight rubber-to-rubber seal

  • Flat-bottom cup with locking ring is ideal for
    Boumatic-style wash trays

  • Also works with Conewango-style liners with 57mm heads

Evolution Jetter Cup




Lip specifically designed

to fit skirts on all

Evolution liners for

rubber to rubber seal

Evolution Wash Cup

Designed specifically to work with DeLaval H block

wash systems and Evolution liners.

  • Locks into the scalloped skirt for a good seal

  • Ribs in bottom of cup allow for good water circulation
    around the mouthpiece of the liner

  • Also works with Conewango-style liners with 51mm heads

Ridges in bottom of Wash Cup are good for cleaning around the mouthpiece of Evolution liners.

Evolution Liners 

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