NEW Cluster Exchange service stands apart:

• Features the RST-Driver RST-Driver

• Customizable to Your Needs Your Needs

• Ideal for large-herd dairies large-herd dairies

You won't find another exchange program with a high-performance liner like the RST-DriverRST-Driver


Guaranteed to check off all your goals for milking speed while keeping it gentle on your cows. Proven in independent trials.

MORE milk per-hour

REDUCED unit-on-time

LESS residual milk

HIGHER peak flow rates

FEWER forced detaches

LOWER mouthpiece chamber vacuum

Get it all with the RST-Driver in this convenient exchange service. Choose complete package with claws, shells, short air tubes and RST-Driver liners, or just liners and shells.

We’ll customize to serve you best.

Available exclusively through
XYZ Dairy Dealer in Tulare, CA.

Contact them now for all the details.

Learn more about the RST-Driver,
proven in independent trials.