Dairy Industry, Milking tubes
• Features proven square barrel for superior milk-out
• Delivers high-speed milking to get cows in and out – fast
• Specifically engineered to maintain good teat end health
• Minimizes mastitis, hyperkeratosis and other problems
• Manufactured from proven, proprietary natural
  rubber formulation
• Accommodates a wide range of teat sizes
• Fits perfectly into stainless steel 06 style shells
• Available in long service-life style, XL2
A short milk tube that’s long on benefits.

Two hinge points permit bending in the natural direction of the milking machine.

Collapsing square barrel creates

three channels for faster, more complete milk-out.

Side view of

Evolution X2 in

collapsed position.


• Two hinge points permit bending in the natural direction

   of the milking machine.

• Can accommodate a range of animals with various

   teat placements.

• Lengthwise ribs allow SMT to compress without kinking,

  for unrestricted milk flow.

Built to deliver – all day, every day.
Whether you’re milking three times a day or have minimal downtime
the Evolution™ X2 will help get cows in and out or the parlor quickly.


• Fast milking speeds 

• Traditional vacuum levels 

• Square liner for improved teat end health 

• Greater stability with limited slippage  for unrestricted milk flow.

Who can benefit from the Evolution X2:


•  Dairy producers seeking to control hyperkeratosis, mastitis    

   or other teat end issues. 

•  Commercial herds milking three times a day or minimal downtime.

•  Producers interested in saving time and increasing production.

•  Large herd operations where every second matters.

Stage 2:

This shows the

Evolution X2 square-barrelled walls in a

fully collapsed state.

The three channels

allow for

maximum flow of

evacuated milk,

resulting in high speed

and good teat

end health.

Much more than “fair and square.”
Square-barrelled Evolution X is fast,effective and smart.

In the dairy industry’s ongoing battle to control hyperkeratosis,

there is abundant research available to demonstrate the value

of square-barrelled liners.

•  Square barrel design provides controlled

   collapse and reduces pressure on teat end 

   allowing for less hyperkeratosis.

• When the square barrel collapses, each

   side comes to rest against its adjacent side, 

   resulting in two points of contact within

   the liner.

• Three channels are created –

   one in the center, one on each end.

• During massage, all evacuated milk that is still in

   the liner easily drains off through the three channels.

• Good teat end conditions are maintained thanks to

   the through removal of milk and complete, consistent 

   massaging action.

Evolution X2 in
uncollapsed position.

Stage 1:

This shows the 

Evolution X2 square-barrelled walls as they

begin to collapse.

Milking speed is 

uninhibited, and

airflow is maintained

up the side channels

past the teat.